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build a better libya. the word needs more chris stevenses. i spoke with his sister -- chris stevens. i spoke with his sister, ann, this morning and told her he will be a hero by many nations. shawn smith was an air force veteran. he spent ten years as an information management officer in the state department. he was posted at the hague and was in libya on a brief, temporary assignment. he was a husband to his rife, heather, with whom i spoke this moving -- morning. he was a father to two young children, samantha and nathan. they will grow up proud of their father for the service he gave to our country, the service that took us toback and finally to benghazi. the mission that drew them to libya is both noble and necessary and we and the people of libya honor their memory by carrying it forward. this is not easy. today, many americans are asking, indeed, i asked myself, how could this happen? how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction? this question reflects just how complicated and at times how confounding the world can be. but we mus
with reaction from the white house on the consolata tack in libya that killed u.s. ambassador, three american staffers and several libyan security officers. the president says he's done so much to help libya. >> at the height of the libyan revolution chris led our diplomatic post with characteristic skill, courage, and resolve, built partners ships with libyan revolution revolutionaries. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of all faiths arrange the world. we condemn in the strongest terms this senseless act of violence. >> the ambassador worked there after the fall of khadafy. it's believed that this and another attack in cairo are part of a protest against a low budget u.s. film that is viewed by some as offensive to islam. president obama ordered that flags be flown at half staff above government buildings and military posts around the world. that order will remain in place as a tribute to chris and his staffers until /he set the sunsets on sunday. alex, you've talked with him who remembered him well. he went to school here. >>reporter: everyone has high prays for the am
questions about the deadly attack in lib yampt -- libya. with the white house changing its story about what happened on the assault in the u.s. consulate in benghazi there is new criticism of the president's foreign policy. will national security be a campaign issue? we'll sit down with obama senior advisor robert gibbs. and caught on tape mitt romney's comments of people who don't pay federal taxes thal not support him. can he find a way out of this mess. we'll ask governor scott walker. gibbs and walker only on "fox news sunday". new polls give a boost to the president. we'll ask our sunday group if the upcoming debates are romney's best chance to turn things around. a stop in a burger joint and kids on a campaign flight. we'll go on the trail on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. with anti-american violence across the islamic world and growing questions about what really happened in the u.s. consulate in libya, national security has finally become part of the president's campaign. joining us now is obama senior advisor robert gibbs. >> guest: thanks for having me
in the deadly attack in libya. >>> and a man drives through somebody's backyard and almost ends up in a pool, we will tell you why the homeowner says the city is to blame. . >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday september 15thth, i am -- 13th, i am dave clark. >>> it is going to be warmer and not much fog, up the temperatures go, 80s and 90s for some, and by the coast and bay 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good if you are driving from the high-rise no major problems to the high- rise. also this morning, we are looking at northbound commute getting to highway 280, that traffic is moving well with, let's go pack to the desk. >>> a huge fire, lorraine blanco has more on this school, it serves the kids preschool through 8th grade so a number of students are affected today. >> reporter: that's right, pam, and the air is thick with smoke and it is getting more difficult to breathe. this is very much an active fire and flames are shooting out of what looks like a top of a trailer and they have been battling the fi
connection in libya. >>> this morning, officers from around the bay area and the country will gather to say goodbye. we will tell you about the funeral planned for this morning. >>> well, good morning to you, welcome to thursday, it is september 13th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, let's check in with steve paulson, it definitely feels warmer already. >>> it is, and i know a lot of people would like to see scouring out of that fog bank and i don't see much, so 60s and 70s coast and bay and it jumps to 80s and 90s, here is sal. >>> it looks good drive together call could the, no -- caldecott, and on the sunole grade looks good, let's go back to the desk. >>> following breaking news, this is coming out of the park, beachwood school there is on fire. that is all happening as we speak. a news crew is on the way and we will bring you the very latest on all of this in the park the beachwood school is on fire and we will bring it to you as soon as it is a available. >>> following developing news in egypt where protests are continuing right in front of the u.s. embassy in egypt. we w
to him and the three killed in the attack on the embassy in libya. this as protests continue to spread across the middle east and northern africa fueled by fury over the anti islamic movie done in california. tonight the military is sending a team of marines to sudan after an angry mob attacked the embassies. this video shows at tack on the germany embassy for 5,000 men were rioting before knocking down the gates and getting inside the compound. at least three people died in similar riots outside the united states embassy. like with the welcome home for the ambassador and the three americans killed on 9/11 >> reporter: they are four men the president called patriotic, who served when called upon. one casket at a time. four americans brought back to their home soil awaiting their families, their president. >> they had a mission. they believed in it. they knew the danger, they accepted it. >> reporter: the transfer of remain ceremony was quiet but patriotic as the four were honored including chris stevens. >> laid down his life for his friends. libya and america. for us all. today chri
extremely tight following the uproar. >>> four people have been arrested in libya in connection with the attack on the american continue lat in benghazi. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. american warships are on their way to the coast of libya now and several marines have been deployed as well. there is a report from british newspaper claiming the united states has early warnings about the attacks in libya. coming up at 6:15 you will get the reaction from the obama administration to that report when we get a live report from our washington, d.c. bureau. >>> time is 6:04. it's going to take several hours before the power is back on to at least a dozen homes in hayward. power is out. went out about 1:00 this morning. a driver crashed into a power pole on campus drive. now the pole and its wires there they are down on the road. witnesses say the female driver hit it and kept driving. >> i heard pop pop pop no skid marks or anything. and then our power went out. we came outside and people all across the streetcars all smashed up. >>
>>> developing news this morning. u.s. ambassador to libya among the americans killed in a rocket attack overseas. he has ties to the bay area. >>> more than a dozen people are homeless after an overnight fire in the east bay. we have details of a dramatic rescue. >>> palo alto police warning about another recent rash in home burglaries. we will show you the areas that are most effected. >>> and a big announcement expected today from apple here in san francisco. we'll tell you about the details swirling about the new iphone 5. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning september 12th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is here. he's got the weather thing under control. >> i hope so. a lot of fog out there. it just means very similar to what we had the last couple of days. far enough inland it's hot. 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s inrabid. maybe a little cooler for some inland areas. we'll talk about that in the upcoming weekend coming up. here is sal. >>> good morning, steve. that traffic looks good heading up
staff. the bodies of the four people killed in libya are now in germany before and coming home to the u.s. >>> u.s. investigators are looking into whether the attack in libya was a terrorist attack to mark the anniversary of september 11th. they are anger by the same anti- muslim video that is reportedly at the reason for the attack in yemen. president barack obama will find those responsible and said, quote, justice will be done. >>> christopher steve develops has been serving in yell men since -- yemen since may. they lit candles for him in 1982 and alumni shared their memories. earlier we spoke to them and one said he spoke to stevens before he left for libya. >> there are four who lost their lives. we are a very small organization and there are only 13,000 diplomats so a loss of four is a big loss for us. >> steve develops' mother now is preparing to fly to washington d.c. and wait for her son's body to come home. >> now we will have continuing coverage on the attack throughout the morning. you will find updates and information from our website any day on with. >>> the
.s. ambassador to libya that was killed in that attack grew up here in northern california. he graduated from uc berkeley back in 1982. after that he received a degree from uc hastings college of law. according to libyan officials chris stevens and three other embassy employees were killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. shooting employees and set fire to the building as well. they are all angry over a viral video that mocks mohammed. he went to the consulate and was trying to evacuate staff members. this is after the building came after attack. now at this point this morning, the state department is not confirming that stevens has been killed. but they are not giving many details on that particular attack. only saying one person was killed in the attack. waiting for more details throughout the morning. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now just a short time ago, president obama released a statement it says in part quote i strongly condemn the outrainous attack on our diplomatic facility in beanos which took -- benghazi is which took the lives of several people. >>> in other ove
questions on capitol hill. who is behind the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya? and should we cut off foreign aid to governments that fail to protect our diplomats? we'll have the head of the house in it tell against committee, chairman mike rogers. plus, tough talk from both candidates on the middle east. we'll ask our sunday panel if foreign policy will finally become an issue in this campaign. and our power players of the week. using their washington clout to fight a devastating disease. all right now on "fox news sunday." >>> and hello again from fox news in washington. we'll talk with ambassador rice and chairman rogers in a moment. first here is the latest on the situation overseas. protesters have attacked u.s. targets in more than 20 nations. citing concerns over security the state department ordered all nonessential u.s. government personnel to leave sudan and tunisia and in libya there are reports of more arrests in the attack that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. for more on the continuing unrest let's bring in current leland in cairo, egypt
heart. >> my name is chris stevens, and i'm the new u.s.ambassador to libya. >> reporter: this video shows him introducing himself last may. before stevens left the u.s., he spoke with steven browning. >> very earnest, and somewhat humbled by the task was about to undertake. i think he was very conscious of the enormity of the task. >> reporter: it was a dream come true for the bay area native. >> he was just a great, all around guy. one of those guys from school that just stood out. >> reporter: stevens graduated from the uc berkely in 1982 with a history major. >> it was a big shock. >> reporter: his former professor, david lavine remembers him as a confident man trying to promote peace. >> for the ambassador to go to that conflict, that shows you what kind of a guy he was. it just was completely unnecessary, of the sense of within his job description, but completely necessary in terms of the kind of guy he was. >> reporter: friends came with flowers today. >> i don't have much to offer today, but just as a friend reach out. >> reporter: stevens never married. his mother said he wa
americans in libya including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. here's his picture. he is a bay area native. he was killed while trying to escape a violent protest. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau. alison. >> reporter: dave, president obama calls chris stevens a courageous and exemplary representative of the united states. as you mentioned he grew up in the bay area and graduated from uc berkeley. steven and three others were killed in a rocket attack on the american consulate. their deaths came as protestors angry about an online film that is offensive to islam attacked u.s. compounds in libya and egypt. pictures from the scene are on cnn this morning and one analyst says he believes the killings are part of a plot against the u.s.. >> they not only attack the embassy but they have someone laying in wait to attack the ambassadors car. it's more than just a crowd going after attacking about a film. >> reporter: of course there are a lot of unanswered questions this morning like who is responsible, why wasn't there better security? we will be pushing for answers for you h
.s. consulate in libya shortly after the video was posted, including ambassador chris stevens. >>> eight people were arrested and six officers injured in protests against the antimuslim film in sydney, australia. witnesses say up to 500 people marched in the streets before getting into a confrontation with police in front of the u.s. consulate. police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up protests. >>> two people died and at least 40 people were hurt when protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in tunisia. the embassy was not staffed at the time of the attack. >>> antiamerican protests have now spread to about 20 countries, from the middle east and north africa all the way to australia. you are looking at a map right now of where the demonstrations have taken place. the state department says 65 embassies or consulates around the world have issued emergency messages about the violence and they are cutting back on diplomatic activity. >>> the united states military says it is sending an elite unit of marine special forces and drones to libya to help bring those responsible for killing those amer
, libya, four people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. u.s. embassy chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. u.s. warships are headed to the coast of libya and a group of marines has also been deployed. >>> a british newspaper is claiming that the u.s. had early warnings about the attack in libya. we'll get reaction from the obama administration from that when we go live to our washington, d.c. bureau. >>> 7:07. well, service rating for -- ratings in san francisco, for muni, they had a 57% on-time rating in august. that compares to 53% in march. muni blames this on a shortage of drivers and then they say a number of employees have called in sick lately. >>> let's check in with sal. i heard you mention that normally friday light, kind of not happening. we got off to a bad start. highway 4 is one of them. we had some late-running roadwork in the construction zone in antioch and pittsburgh pittsburg. the roadwork is gone. now the backup is pretty solid from antioch all the way out to concord. on this friday, when some
through the streets. in libya, officials announced that four arrests were made in connection with a rocket attack and fire that killed chris stevens and three others in the consulate. at stevens alma mater, a panel talked about the work he did in libya. >> he was in the street among the people, connecting and showing what a good american is. >> reporter: despite the tragedy of ambassador steven's death. today it does not necessarily mean a halt to the progress of democracy in libya. >> i think that this does not necessarily bode poorly for democracy in libya. there certainly means there's terrorists but we've experienced terrorism in our own soil as well. >> reporter: christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now on the three other americans who died at the american consulate in bengazi. they were 34-year-old sean smith a foreign service information officer who was playing his favorite game eve online right before the attack. 42-year-old glen doherty was a former navy seal. his ex-wife said he loved being a seal more than life itself. and tyronewoods was 31, also a seal and d
that attacked the profit mohammed. meantime four people have been arrested in libya in connection with the attack on the american consulate in benghazi. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other american were killed in that attack. u.s. warships are heading to the coast of libya and several marines have been deployed as well. coming up for you at 5:15 we will take you live to the washington, d.c. bureau. we'll get the latest on a british report that the obama administration has been denying. >>> new video of a strip mall fire in antioch. investigators say an arsonist may be responsible for this. it happened on l street and sycamore drive at 10:45 last night. firefighters think someone set a rooftrees behind the stores on fire. the fire spread to one of the stores. no one was hurt. no arrests have been made. firefighters are also investigating another fire that happened about a block away. >>> we also have new information on a fire that has forced classes to be canceled at a school in menlo park. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco is at beachwood elementary with more on wh
worships are on the move. two navy destroyers are off the coast of libya because of a precautionary plesh measure. all of this toms -- precautionary -- all of this comes -- because of a precautionary measure. officials want to know if that attack was coordinated to mark the september 11th anniversary. there are fueling reports that the film made are making them angry. >>> well, the attacks on the u.s. embassies and the consulate in libya could have a big effect on the elections. and mitt romney is being criticized for remarks he made shortly after the protest started the the -- protest started at the embassy. coming up for you at 7:15, what mitt romney is how saying about the attacks and how president obama is eroo -- is responding. >>> a public memorial service will be held this morning for the chp officer killed in the line of duty last week in alamo. dignitaries will include governor jerry brun. claudine wong is live where hundreds of friends, family of officer kenyan youngstrom will be behind me. >> reporter: they do have some chairs set upout side. they expect 2500 people in the main
to libya is condemning the acts. he spoke about chris stevens. he said it mark as sad day for -- marks a sad day for him. >> he visited the libyans, eat with them, sit with them and very enthusiastic about the relations. >> he said that libya is still coping with the chaos left behind by moammar gadhafi and emphasized the country still needs the help of the united states. our coverage continues in 25 minutes, we take you to a mosque, what some muslims told us about the repercussions it could have on them. >>> after months of speculation apple unveiled the new iphone 5 in san francisco. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar tells us what makes this phone different. >> reporter: i have been to these things and this drew the most media yet. >> today we are taking it to the next level. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: it is the iphone 5. >> this is iphone 5. iphone 5 is the thinnest phone we have ever made. it is the lightest as well. >> reporter: though they look similar, looks can be deceiving. the newer one has new technology and this is everything about new technology. 4-inch screen. th
. the nasdaq and s&p also up 1.5 points. >>> we are just hearing of an arrest in libya in connection with the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. there are few details. according to "reuters" the deputy libyan prime minister announced the arrest today. stevens and three others were killed today after the attacks. stevens was a bay area native. he studied at uc berkeley. his family says they are flying to washington, d.c. to be there when his body is returned. >>> president obama has ordered warships to head to the lib bea yun coast to protect american interests as the controversial film made by a southern california man -- libyan coast to protect american interests as the controversial film made by a southern california man is creating issues, and in baghdad, demonstrators burned the u.s. flag and called the video an insult to the prophet muhammad. [chanting] >> and in yemen, friday testers scaled the -- protesters scaled the walls of the u.s. embassy today. it's unclear if the personnel had been -- american personnel had been rejected. >> to me, to us personally, this video is d
for watching and have a great day! >>> u.s. ambassador to libya killed in an attack to the consulate in that area. >>> we are live in alameda where a man in a wheelchair is rescued from a burning apartment. >>> just hours from now the big announcement apple is expected to make about its newest iphone. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning september 12th i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. what is the weather going to be like? >> if you're by the coast or around the bay it's 60s and 70s. a little bit stronger sea breeze. and if you are inland it will be warm to hot. 80s. >>> steve, good morning. traffic is doing pretty well. there is road work out there we may have to worry about on 880. for the most part we are doing very nicely. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog on the span. also we are looking at 880 northbound traffic does move well. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with breaking news from overseas this morning. u.s. ambassador to libya and three other am
. it killed chris stevens and three other americans. u.s. warships are heading to the coast of libya. a group of marines has also been deployed. >>> we are learning more about the three other americans killed in libya. two of them were navy seals. 41-year-old tyrone woods and former seal glen dorothy was on detail at the consulate. and shawn smith was also killed. an elderly american held hostage by al qaeda issued a new plea. this one has the potential to shake up the presidential race. hear what the abducted aid worker said coming up. >>> investigators say an arsonist may be responsible for a fire at a strip mall in antioch. that happened on l street and sycamore drive at 10:45 last night. firefighters think someone set a row of trees behind the store on fire. the fire spread to one of the stores. no one was hurt and so far no arrests have been made. >>> meantime the investigation continues into a house fire in the oakland hills. that started just before 6:00 yesterday evening on norfolk road. firefighters say that fire started in the basement. no one was home at the time so no one was hurt
week in benghazi, libya. president obama, vice president biden and secretary clinton were all taking part in that event as the remains of the four americans returned to american. this a is a short time ago as the four draped caskets were carried by a plane, by a military honor guard. the americans were ambushed on tuesday by assailants with rocket-propelled grenades. one of the them was chris stevens from pedemont high, graduate of 1978. graduated from hastings law in san francisco. >> i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. what a wonderful gift you gave us. >> they didn't simply embrace the american idol. they lived it. they embodied it. the courage, the hope and yes, the idealism. that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. secretary clinton attendance at the ceremony was personal for her because she said she sent ambassador stevens to libya knowing she sent him on a risky assignment. [chanting] >> demonstrations are taking place in nearly a dozen countries in the mid
. >>> in the last half hour we learned the names of all four americans that were killed at the u.s. embassy in libya. tyrone woods was the fourth victim. he is a former navy s.e.a.l. and a security officer. shawn smith was a computer expert. and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. ktvu's heather holmes joins us with what we are learning about the attack. >> reporter: some of the places where crowds of protesters surrounded u.s. embassies today to protest the anti-islam film. >> reporter: outrage is spreading across the middle east and africa. crowds are protesting a film posted on youtube that make as mockery of islam. in lubbia authorities nounced -- in libya authorities announced arrests. they said some vinyls were arrested -- some individuals were arrested. others are being closely monitored. u.s. ambassador chris stevens grew up in the east bay. and there is evidence tonight the attack was coordinated by militants and they have been supported by infiltrators. a security official says armed militants exscuted a raid on two locations -- executed a raid on two locations. u.s. ambassador chris stevens an
along with three other diplomats in eastern libya. it was blamed on a youtube video but there is word tonight it may have been planned to coinside with 9/11. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's david stevenson has the debate involving free speech and ktvu's mike mibach is live at university of california at berkeley where colleagues and friends of chris stevens are in mourning tonight. >> reporter: chris stevens majored in history right here at university of california at berkeley, graduated in 1982 and his brother told me chris stevens knew his journey in life would be an adventure. >> i am excited to return to libya. >> reporter: the family of chris stevens said he took pride in his job. he was cool, balanced, easy. that was his career and he loved it. >> i don't have much to offer here. just as a friend reach out. >> reporter: today he dropped off flowers that home of chris stevens' parents. they lived in piedmont where chris stevens graduated from piedmont high school. he said what a bore it is waking up in the morning always the same person. i >> clear he was interested in
americans killed in libya. the words of tribute at a somber ceremony. >>> four americans, four patriot, they loved this country and they chose to serve it and served it well. >>> the four americans killed in this week's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya came home today in flag draped coffins. as mike mibach reports the men were honored as heros and patriots in a ceremony at joint base andrews just outside of the nation's capital. >> reporter: one casket at a time. four americans brought back to their home soil awaiting their families, their president. >> they had a mission, and they believed in it. they knew the danger, and they accepted it. >> reporter: the transfer of remains ceremony was somber yet patriotic as four u.s. diplomats were honored including bay area native ambassador chris stevens. >> there in benghazi he layed down his life for his friends. libyan and american. and for us all. today chris is home. >> secretary of state hillary clinton asked stevens to be the u.s. ambassador to libya this year knowing the u.s. needed a strong presence and leader to engage with the
and a photograph feature. >> continuing coverage, the attack that killed four americans at a embassy in libya. today bag pipes played for a former navy seal. the service was held in winchester massachusetts where he grew up. people lined the streets of the suburb. some held hands, others held american flags. here in the bay area the family of the united states ambassador chris stevens has set up a website for people to share their memories and post messages of sympathy. as we report, for the first time a family member is speaking publicly. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new ambassador to libya. >> reporter: we have learn aid lot about him in the last week. about his courage. >> he laid down his life for his friends. libya and american. >> reporter: and about his lifelong work building bridges between the united states, north africa and the middle east. >> he wasn't the type to talk about himself or promote himself many he was a humble, low key guy. >> from across the world the family has received letter, sympathy and pictures like these. that's why they created this tumbler site
. >>> tonight, more than two weeks after chris stevens was killed at a u.s. consulate in libya, his family is preparing for his funeral. they remembered a son who worked tirelessly to try to make this word a better place. >> a proud mother shared these treasured photos with me today of a little boy who loved life. was a master of disguise, and rarely stopped smiling. >> that was chris. you never saw him without a smile. >> that little boy with the movie star good looks was christopher stevens. he grew up to be theambassador to libya. his mother learned her oldest child was dead. the first u.s. ambassador to be killed since 1979. >> after the first shock, you're just kind of numb and you just do what has to be done. >> we were sitting right here, so at that time, i was really not able to talk, but i did stand up. >> she stood up out of respect for the caller, president obama. she and chris's stepfather of more than three dozen years met privately with the president when chris's body was returned to american soil. >> he was cremated. and i brought the ashes back. from he will be interred in
's reports this morning connecting al-qaeda to the american consulate in libya. and they're being criticized for how they protect diplomats. you will hear what intelligence officials are revealing now. >>> well, nobel peace prize winner from burma comes in for a historic visit. it's an event organized by silicon valley tech billionaires. this also features other global activists. she'll be addressing the local burmese community. >>> the tour included meeting president obama. >>> the post office will default on billions of dollars on a health care fund for future retirees. this is the second postal service default in two months, but the default is said to not impact daily post office operations and employees will still be paid. in just a few hours, a groundbreaking ceremony to extend bart to san jose. the focus will be on work to fremont. the project includes widening mission boulevard and enhancing the area for pedestrians. two bart bridges will be installed. work is due to be finished in 2015. >> all right. time now, 5:06. sal is back. did you make sure all the drivers had their morning cof
after an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. he was a graduate of uc berkeley. he later received a law degree from hastings college. stevens was 52 years old. >>> refs came to an agreement on a new contract after four weeks of lock out. those replacement officials who took over officiates games drew lots of criticism that they were not experienced enough to keep the action going on the field and made bad calls. >>> meantime players and management of the national hockey league met for four hours to today to discuss their current labor issues. teams had been locked out, teams rather have locked out players while both sides tried to decide how to split revenues. in the just expired contracts, players received 57%over hockey related revenue. owners want a bigger share of that money. the two sides said they expect to talk more tomorrow. >>> the plans of the warriors to move to a new arena is drawing fire and praise. neighbors voiced their concerns at a community meeting. >> reporter: you could say piers 30 and 32 have a bit of an identity crisis. they are home to the america'
countries. >>> today we learned authorities in libya made four arrests in the investigation into that four hour assault on the u.s. embassy that killed a u.s. ambassador and three others. it comes as officials call for leaders across the middle east to stand up against the violence sparked by that film. >> reporter: these are pictures from the most recent attacks in the middle east. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen. they burned american flags. police fired warning shots in egypt in an attempt to control demonstrators. and in iraq. the protests are the latest over innocence of muslims. >> let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious, that is united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. >> reporter: no u.s. embassy personal was harmed today but they prepared for protests and tightening security. secretary of state hillary clinton also called pawn governments to stop -- upon the governments to stop the violence. >> any responsible leader should be standing up now and drawing that line. >> reporter: u.s.
killings in libya, in australia, hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside of the american consulate in sydney. in the middle east, thousands of muslims have taken to the streets. fbi officials investigating the killings in benghazi have put off their visit into the volatile region is safer. >> the members of security council condemned in the strongest terms the series of violent attacks against embassies and consulate premises in multiple locations. >> reporter: president obama promised justice for those who killed u.s. ambassador to libya stevens and three other americans at the consulate. >> there is no never justification for violence and no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women and so long as i am commander-in-chiefing the united states will not toll rate efforts to harm our fellow americans. >> reporter: some say tuesday's attack was planned. >> it was deliberate and preplanned attack. i was given enough details about this by witnesses. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they have no evidence that the attack was pre-mediated, but as calm appeared to be
. >>> and the attack in libya, who may have played a key role on the attack on americans. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us september 20th, i am pam cook. >> and let's check weather and traffic, steve paulson is here to tell you more. >>> it is chilly out there for some, a few upper 30s in the russian river basin, the highs 60s and 70s and a few low 80s. here is sal. >>> it is looking nice across the span, no major commute hassles. this is a look at 37 and traffic looks good as well here. let's go back to the desk. >>> three women were injured overnight in oakland. somebody fired shots at their car. live at hyland hospital, you have exclusive video you will see only on 2, good morning tara. >> we understand three of the victims were brought here early this morning. two of them received gunshot wounds and the other received cuts to her face. we understand all are expected to be okay. here is what happened just before midnight, a group of young women driving northbound on seminary avenue near mills college experienced some gunfire, bullet holes, shattered two passengers side windows. two were
consulate in libya. protesters stormed the bases of several local milt has in benghazi. the milt shans have refused to disband since the toppling of momar muammar gaddafi's regime. the state news agency says at least four people are dead in this latest violence. >>> a pakistani cabinet minister offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of those behind that controversial video. the pakistani federal railways minister did not name any names, but it's thought that he was talking about nakoula basseley nakoula of southern california who is said to be the producer of the anti-islam video. the government condemned the bounty and nakoula was requested by parole officers about his involvement in the project. is he currently on parol for bank fraud. >>> president obama will speak to the united nations on tuesday denouncing the death of u.s. ambassor to libya. >>> democrats opened a new campaign office in san francisco today with the help of house minority leader nancy pelosi. the congresswoman rallied workers to get out the vote and re-elect president obama. as for congress, pelosi predicted that ca
on the attack on the american consulate in libya. a new report suggests that a former detain knee who is possibly tied to al-qaeda may have been involved. u.s. intent sources say he may have led last week's attack. he was released back in 2007. he was supposed to be kept in libyan custody but was freed by the regim. for the first time federal investigators described the consulate attack as an act of terror. >> let me begin by asking you whether you would say that ambassador stevens and the three other americans died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> certainly on that particular question i would say yes. they were killed in the course after a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> later today secretary of state hilary clinton faces tough questions when she testifies about the security of diplomatic missions over seas. >>> there's an out pouring of support from around the world for the family of chris stevens. coming up at 7:15, the special web page has family has set up and how it's helping to keep his memory alive. >>> real drama on the streets of oakland. a high speed chase that led
have tied to them. >> the prime minister of libya says he thinks the attack that killed him was planned ahead of time. >> i think it is. i think it is, because the way it has taken place, the way they have done it clearly this crew has planned it, so it is not -- it is not a -- a spontaneous thing. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is forming a panel to investigate the attack there which killed stephens and three other americans. ♪ [ music ] >> it is the final day of summer 2012 and our temperatures right where they should be. slightly warmer than where we were yesterday and we will continue that trend for the first start of the weekend. giving you a view there patchy low clouds that continue off the coastline. a few high clouds of the area. giving you a look at the numbers, 71 in santa rosa. 73 right now in concord, 80 degrees antioch, this is the warm spot, 70s inland. areas around fairfield, livermore, 69 san jose, 60s around the bay and along the coast. temperatures will continue to warm into the afternoon. we will be anywhere from three to six degrees warmer than
. >>> state department says cnn reports on the personal diary of the u.s. ambassador who died in libya against his family's wishes. ambassador chris stevens was killed in a violent anti-american protest in the city of benghazi. protest began after the release of the film that ridiculed the prophet muhammed. cnn broke a pledge not to report on stevens diary. cnn says issues deserved full reporting and confirmed the information in the diary with other sources. >>> at least four people have died and 70 people have been hurt in protests against armed islamic militias in libya thousands provetesters stormed a benghazi compound where the militia is suspected of killing ambassador stevens and then set fire to the compound. two main militias in the eastern city announced they were disbanding after those protests. analysts say it's surprising because it's a strong hold for islamic extremists. >>> tens of thousands of people protests anti-islam film in the nigerian city of cano. shouting death to america. death to israel and death to the enemies of islam. protestors burned images of president obama and
.s. ambassador to libya has been killed in violent protests over the film. >>> time now 4:45. breast cancer researchers have a new way of qualifying one form of the disease that could lead to better treatments. oncologists say one type of breast cancer called triple negative might respond better to a nontaxic -- ripple negative tumors make up more that 10% of breast cancer and more common between african american and younger women. >>> let's go back to sal to check in with traffic. how does it look? >> it doesn't look good in one particular area. and that would be in pleasanton. this is a fatal crash in pleasanton just past at 580 interchange. you can see all the lanes are open. as photographer chip turns around here, you can see no one is getting by. what they are doing is they intercomming down and forcing there is a detar debt seth up. this is a pedestrian fatal accident and the investigation continues. this happened at about 4:00. we are about 45mys into this. it will take a little bit before this is wrapped up unfortunately. this is just really one of the busiest corridors of the bay a
other americans were killed in libya. the president is challenging the leaders there to confront the challenge of range exploding across the muslim world and saying the u.s. will not shrink from its role despite the violence there. in fact, more than 50 people have died in part to an anti- muslim film, violence from that. mr. obama will also be speak about preventing iran from having a nuclear weapon. we will have more coming up. >> thanks, tory. >>> time now, 7:26. the obama campaign launched a high-flying fund raising stunt, turning from a serious situation to a lighter one. there it is, there. obama's supporters attached that bobble head to a weather balloon. they released it in san francisco. the camera shows it is high above the earth. video was set to the theme music of et. all of this was meant to draw attention for a yard sale for obama. it is an initiative asking people to hold a yard sale then doe -- doe mate the money -- do nate the money to the obama campaign. >>> investigators make a disturbing discovery in the homes of a south bay principal accused of selling drug
ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. iran is moving to nuclear capability. >> there was no bipartisan resentment on stage as romney stood side by side. in fact, he joked about the good he could have on the polls. >>> some students are hard at work today, trying to get their peers to register to vote. a rally is getting underway. new at noon, allie rasmus joins us live to explain what is difference about this registration drive. with just six weeks to go, voters registration efforts are in full swing. as you mentioned, there is a rally taking place right now on the steps of sprawl hall. i'm holding an official registration form. for the first time, californians can register to vote online. >> if you are on a citizen and you live in california, you are good to get. you can go to the sous's debra bowden's website. on it was launched on weds -- it was lunched on wednesday. student organizers say the website is making it much easier to convince people to take time to register. >> because we're so technology or rerented -- oriented, it's a great way to make sure
that deadly u.s. embassy attack in libya. >> i think they want to do their very best from keeping the people in america from understanding exactly what happened. >> now, paul ryan also questioned whether the white house officials are on the same page. the administration has called the libya violence a terrorist attack but yesterday president obama used different terms to describe what happened. >> we're still doing an investigation. there's no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used that -- the ongoing assault, that it wasn't just a mob action. >> now, a white house security adviser is denouncing a coverup and are investigating exactly what happened to make sure diplomats are safe. >>> israel is not happy that iran's president is speaking to the u.n. general assembly on one of israel's most holiest days, yom kippur. some say they will walk out during mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech. alison burns is live from washington, d.c. with how the president is responding to new threats from the united states. >> reporter: tori, mahmoud ahmadinejad seems to be dismissing all of these warnings about
countries since last does when the ambassador from libya was killed. the suddenness of the attacks and protests leaves the question open, was it preplanned? ambassador susan rice said there is no evidence to show that. >> the governments have increasingly and effectively responded and protected our facilities and condemned the violence and this outrageous response to what is an offensive video. >> reporter: but the michigan congressman said it's to early to tell. >> seemed to be a military style, coordinated, they had indirect fire, coordinated with direct fire. rocket attacks. >> reporter: the libya president said 50 people were arrested in connection with the attacks saying he suspects preplanning. >> its clear that the assault was well trained well prepared have planned this. rum. >> reporter: there is no telling how long the protests will last. > the pope prayed for peace and the silencing of weapons across the mideast. he celebrated mass today where thousands turned out to see him. also in the lebanon capitol the leader of hezballoh called for more protests tomorrow but sa
years since a panam flight exploded. @p@po' >>> one week after the tear rition strike in libya there are new calls to investigate another libyan attack, the 1988 lockerbie bombing. families of victims were in washington today, demanding answers. >> there is life before something like this happens and there is life afterwards. when you lose a child, especially i think, you never get over it. >> paul hudson's 16-year-old daughter was on board pan am 103 when it exploded and kroshed in scotland. one man was convicted in connection with the attack. victims' families are asking washington to force the libyan government to find the other terrorist who went free. >> we just went to get on with our lives, because there's so much pain and suffering. >> the family says last week's attack on the u.s. consulate shows libya is not doing enough to root out terrorists. >>> three u.s. public interest groups plan to file a complaint against at&t over new limits on the use of apple's face time. with the new operating system that comes on the iphone 5, face time can now be used over wi-fi and cel
is in the hospital. >>> in libya, a memorial service was held in tripoli today for the four americans killed last week. libyan officials praised u.s. ambassador chris stevens as a friend of libya. secretary of state burns also attended. the white house is now calling the attack a terrorist attack. >>> in india, shopkeepers closed up their business and marched in protest. they're angry about a government decision to open indian markets to foreign companies such as wal-mart. shop owners say it will hurt their business if they have to compete with giant retailers. >>> and the u.s. packed up equipment. 300,000 troops have left afghanistan. they were part of the surge that began eight years ago. >>> there's word tonight that the san mateo police department is sending detectives to colorado to help in the search for a missing amtrak passenger. 60-year-old charlie dowd was from san mateo and was traveling to montreal to visit his son. he was last seen south of denver. dowd's family says they fear he may have fallen from that train. >>> a convicted drug dealer has been charged in connection with a deadly
speed rail project is moving to the fast track. >>> libya's prime minister that says -- minister said the attack that killed chris stevens did not just happen. >>> we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. >>> time now 5:11. rising tensions between north and south korea. south korea fired warning shots over north korean fishing boats right near the border. the fishing boats sailed back over the border. no one was hurt. the two countries have been arguing since the early 1950s. >>> prime minister of libya thinks the attack that killed chris stevens was planned ahead of time. >> i think it is. because the way it has taken place. the way they have done it. this group has planned it. it's not spontaneous thing. he denounced the west for what he called insults to the devine messenger and criticized the respect for freedom of speech. he said that after a week of protests and riots by people that have been angered by the movie innocence of muslims. >>> congress is about to leave washington until after the november election. ktvu alison burns joins us live from o
honored the late ambassador's devotion to libya and promised to find the people who killed him and three others and he asked for condemnation of the mob behind the murders. >> today we must reaffirm that our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not by his killers. today we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: he called a privately produced video that angered muslim disgusting but affirmed the american ideal of free speech. he warned iran that the world is growing impatient with the nation's secrecy around lieutenants nuclear program. >> america wants to resolve the issue through diplomacy and we believe there is still time to. >> reporter: he also called for an end to the syria regime. they said the violence in that nation is spiraling dangerously. . >> mainly by the government but also by opposition groups. such crimes must not go unpin issued. >> reporter: the president in the middle of a bruising election battle ended with a theme from his last campaign. hope. thanking libya people who marched aga
of the deadly attack in libya. >> i think they want to do their very best to keep the people of america from understanding exactly what happened. >> romney's running mate paul ryan also questioned whether white house officials are on the same page. the administration has called the libya violence a terrorist attack but yesterday president obama used different terms to describe what happened. >> we are still doing an investigation. there is no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault that it wasn't just a mob action. >> a white house security advisor denies allegations of a coverup and says they are investigating exactly what happened to insure the safety of diplomats. >>> time now 5:12. many world leaders say they will wac out of the u.n. general assembly today as iran's president takes the stage. alison burns. >> reporter: macmoodahmadinejad seems to be -- he is calling for a new order to replace what he calls the era of bullying by the u.s.. iran has become a central focus in the u.s. presidential race with mitt romney demanding a stronger response to iran's defia
this morning connecting al-qaeda to the deadly attack on the embassy in libya. also, republicans are demanding to know what the obama administration knew before the attack. coming up for you at 6:15, we'll take you live to our washington, dc bureau on how this controversy is growing. >>> nobel peace prize winner, the opposition leader from burma comes to the bay area. she's at an event organized by silicon valley tech billionaires. it will also feature other global activists. then tomorrow, she'll be at the university of san francisco. she will be addressing the local burmese community. the tour included meeting president obama. >>> the u.s. postal service says this coming sunday it will default on a health care fund. >>> members of congress left the nation's capital without approving funds for the postal service. this is the second default in two months, but the deall the will not apparently impact postal operations and employees will still be paid. later this morning a groundbreaking ceremony is being held for the bart extension to san jose. today's work is being done near interat a time 880
are connecting al qaeda to the deadly consulate in libya. republicans are learning more about what the obama administration knew before the attack. coming up at 7:15, we'll go live to learn how the controversy is going. >>> tonight, the 67-year-old nobel peace prize winner will be honored at the freedom forum. the event also features former global activists. tomorrow she will be at the university of san francisco. the form -- the former political prisoner is on an 18- day tour that included meeting president obama. >>> the u.s. postal service says this coming sunday it will default on billions of dollars for its future retirees. members of congress left without passing and approving money for the postal service. this is the second postal service default in a month. post office employees will still get paid. the owner of a wall night creek nightclub said he will fight city club night managers. he is the owner of a lounge. on october 25th, he's supposed to meet with the city planning commission to try to stop the force of a conditional use permit. it's the second time in a year the permit has
of them yesterday. even with the attacks in libya, it seems as though oil barely blipped. > > you know, oil did barely blip, and that was a big surprise to a lot of people. but one thing we really need to keep in mind is before the hurricane that we saw earlier in the month and earlier last month, was a lot of refineries were shut down, and that caused an unusual spike in oil and short-term prices. so i think it's more a thing of consolidation. the market does seem to think that oil will trek higher, but the news we saw today was nothing more than headline risk and a consolidation. > > by the way, i like your big dollar bills. thanks for being on the show today. larry shover of sfg alternatives. as we mentioned earlier, the market awaits the fed's decision on another round of economic stimulus. that stimulus could include the fed buying bonds to lower long-term interest rates, which could trigger more borrowing and lending. many traders and economists are questioning whether the move can spur the recovery, since interest rates are already at record lows. the fed wraps up its two-day m
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